HELIAC (Solar Home PCU)

HELIAC (Solar Home PCU)
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“Cost Effective PCU Compatible with SMF,
Gel and Tubular Batteries.”

Available in
850VA to 3500VA

● Inbuilt PWM Solar Charge Controller.
● Multi-Colour LCD Display.
● Freq.-Available 50 & 60Hz.
● Multi Charging Stage (Bulk, Absorption & Float) Auto Equalize in a month.
● Solar Priority for Load & Battery Charging.
● Preference to Solar Power over Grid Power.
● Pure Sine Wave Output.
● Protections : RBP, RSPV, OVL, BL, OBC, SC, IHV & ILV.
● Compatible with DG as an Input Source.
● Compatible with IT Load.
● Compatible with SMF, Gel & Tubular Batteries.
● Priority Selection - PCU, Smart & Hybrid for Saving Energy and Money.

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